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Stalker !!!

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Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:44 pm

Stalker !!!
Want to be a full-time stalker like this man? Send your wife out to work whilst you play on de interweb all day long, spamming folks, threatening folks, dissing folks, hacking folks and hating folks? Then take a few tips from Bertie Oosthuizen a.k.a Uhuru Guru a.k.a Island Shark a.k.a Mike Smith a.k.a Professor Plonk a.k.a who knows who… he’s your man! Your Great White Saviour!
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Calling all male nurses in white lab coats, we need you. We have a candidate ready to be straightjacketed and I demand he be locked up in a shocking pink enamel-painted padded cell. Bert Oosthuizen, you are one sad case. You, and the obnoxious, obese and equally as ugly Michelle Seiffert (a.k.a Dark Raven) and most of the rest of the remnants of the SAS mob. But rage on and remember that in China they have lunatic asylums that cater especially for people who go mental from the internet. People like you Bert. C’mon man, you’re not a hero nor a cowboy, you’re a pasty-faced little fat twat pushing out a lot of negative energies from behind that brave mask that you pretend to wear, a man who exchanges one avatar for another as soon as the crowd smell a rat - what have you got to hide son? Snubbing your brother two days before he blew his brains out for being caught trying to save your butt? You psychopath!

Bert Oosthuizen is a sick bastard and has been stalking and harassing me for three years and I am now going public with this. I am putting up every single incident of harassment on a blog bearing my real name. There is no shame in being stalked; the shame is with the stalker. Every phone call I receive from this creep, whether on my landline or mobile, will be diarised on my blog. The man phoned me in March this year just after twelve at night to tell me he was going to destroy my life. I didn't know this at the time, but he had just phoned my husband - he obtained my husband's number by hacking into my computer - and woken him up with a long bullshit story about having had an affair with me after which he sent various sordid e-mails and sms'es to my husband. I have never met Bert Oosthuizen. My husband works in Joburg and is home every other week end. I live in KwaZulu. Bert Oosthuizen is a filthy coward and predator who gets his kicks harassing and threatening people, especially women. He phoned me on Saturday evening wanting to know whether I'd paid Marwinsing to put up this post, and asked whether I was frightened.

Even though he regularly sends me e-mails gleefully looking forward to my gangrape by Zulus and demise in a pool of blood on top of my husband's hacked dead body, I am not frightened of Bert Oosthuizen, and I want the world to know what a piece of filth he is. Claiming to be an IT consultant, he shouldn't be allowed near a computer. He loads porn onto unsuspecting clients' computers; he is obsessed with porn. The man who put him in jail for one night during November 2009 is none other than Fred Rundle, former spokesman for the AWB, who Bert had defamed by putting up porn on his Facebook profile and sending filthy e-mails to Fred's friends. Bert is still impersonating Fred by sending around e-mails fishing for the recipients' cell phone numbers under the guise of being Rundle.

Bert Oosthuizen thinks he is immune from prosecution in the UK. He is wrong about that.

Dachshund said...
Why such a huge reaction to this post? Why the uproar at SA Sucks? Why did Bert phone me on Saturday evening to ask me whether I had paid Marwinsing to put this up? And then hanging up in a frightened way when I wanted to Hear All?

There is not a shred of additional information on this post, other than the following allusion:

"... what have you got to hide son? Snubbing your brother two days before he blew his brains out for being caught trying to save your butt? You psychopath!"

That refers to Bert Oosthuizen writing as Mike Smith on Global Politician, regurgitating Hamlet's "To be or not to be" to his own warped taste, on 13 March 2010. And that was two days before Neels Oosthuizen pulled the trigger on himself.

In that post, Oosthuizen gloats about being absorbed into the Jewish diaspora. It also gives the lie to Bert's later protestations that he knew nothing about Neels's planned suicide.

He knew it all along.

The crucible of the SA Sucks and Bert Oosthuizen story is the series of events that led up to Bert Oosthuizen's original decision to start blogging about farm murders in South Africa.

And you will be surprised at the real turn of events. But perhaps, not so surprised after all - because it is as old as the story of Cain and Abel.

Here is the link to Global Politician where Oosthuizen wrote his soliloquy before his brother shot himself. I believe it's considered a good idea to shoot yourself in a toilet because your sphincter muscles relax. Neels Oosthuizen was always a considerate kind of guy, right to the end.

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