The murder plot ???

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The murder plot ???

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The murder plot ???
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Bert Oosthuizen a.k.a Uhuru Guru a.k.a Lone Wolf:

Computer Hacker, Violater of Personal Privacy and a Fraud
(through the grapevine) Oosthuizen seems to have a nasty habit of knocking people he does business with, even including defaming the dead, ie: former clients who were murdered by blacks. But why would any reasonable-headed white man do this? The following letter was circulated to me via a trustworthy and reliable source:
Email from Fred Rundle to Adriana Stuijt
Subject: Uhuru Guru
Nov 5 2009.

"My name is Fred Rundle. I value the my good name and I have been invited by many organisations to address them. I do not smoke or drink and I live a very clean and disciplined life. I was the Johannesburg leader of the Volksfront and also the Witwatersrand Regional Chairman of the Conservative Party. I stood in 3 elections as a candidate, paying for everything out of my own pocket. I spoke at the United Nations in Geneva in 1995, appealing to them to recognise my people as indigenous people in South Africa.

“I have noted how Doodler (name deleted since the case is sub-judice) is trying to sweep up emotions about his brother Uhuru Guru to evoke sympathy for him. The facts are totally different to what they are trying to make everybody believe. Uhuru Guru was the man who repaired my computer and we became friends. He subsequently apparently was able to take over my email address as well as my Facebook blog site - since I could no longer access either. My grandchildren then brought my attention to my Facebook and told me to 'delete the filth from it'. I was unable to do so… I then contacted a very good computer-literate friend, and he managed to get my email and my Facebook back for me. Out of desperation, I decided to contact the police to clear my good name. I had no other option but to take the action I did. The following Facebook is my authorised blog:”

Bert Oosthuizen - agent provocateur
The contents of the above dovetails seamlessly with the character Uhuru Guru that I came to know. Adriana Stuijt is an elderly lady living in the Netherlands who has fought tirelessly over the years to spread the word about the plight of murdered White farmers and their families in South Africa. She was harassed by Uhuru Guru, that much I do know. I don't know much about Fred Rundle, other than he's been involved in right wing activities here but he seems above board.
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Re: The murder plot ???

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Anonymous said...
Which begs the question: were those former clients really murdered by blacks, or did he kill them?
November 6, 2009 3:39 PM
Marwinsing said...
This could be anyone's guess. Examine the eyes in that photograph.
November 6, 2009 3:45 PM
Marwinsing said...
LOL the bloke goes to jail for ONE DAY and his Board of Commentators give him a hero's welcome. Makes you think doesn't it?
November 6, 2009 4:00 PM
Anonymous said...
I should rephrase my earlier question: were Estelle van Dyk and Richard Theron really murdered by farm workers, or were they taken out by Oosthuizen's henchmen to prove a point?

Why was Oosthuizen the so-called forensic IT expert on the scene when the couple's computer(s) should have gone to Jhb Central for examination?

Or was it cynical exploitation of an appalling tragedy to put himself, Oosthuizen, in the limelight?
November 10, 2009 11:51 AM
curious said...
Good question anon!
Was the couple killed because of the gold/uranium veins behind their smallholding?
Why had Bert Oosthuizen after the killing that urgent need to put himself with this story in the limelight? Did he need a COVER STORY and why if..?
Who are the winners from that murder? Who owns what now, rooted to the death of the couple? ... ntein.html
November 11, 2009 11:17 AM
Julius said...
"Richard Theron, forensic auditor, consults charming, well spoken IT consultant Bert Oosthuizen to assist him with a perplexing case involving embezzlement. He does not realise that Oosthuizen was put in his way to find out how much he knows ... and to silence him."


Bert Oosthuizen, are you ever in KAK STREET, dude.
November 11, 2009 5:33 PM
Anonymous said...
Interesting point, anon 11.17.

It's interesting also that Bert's brother Neels Oosthuizen is a property lawyer.

Neels can be contacted at (011) 880-9575. He has offices at 76 Corlett Drive, Melrose North, Jhb.
November 11, 2009 6:22 PM
Anonymous said...
Here's the actual (edited to fit) article from Die nuwe Suid-Africa

Date Posted: Monday 23-Jul-2007
Submitted by Adriana Stuijt:

Did the SA regime know about the gold/uranium veins beneath Koesterfontein smallholdings in the Magaliesburg where a couple was lynched in June 2004?

New information has recently come to light about valuable gold and uranium-deposits beneath the soil of Koesterfontein -- a fact which might shed some light on this mysterious lynching three years previously.

Earlier this year, alarmed residents of Koesterfontein all had to hurriedly form an action group to protest against the government's secret plans to allow uranium and gold-mining on their land. It usually takes several years of prospecting before such licences are even granted.

In South Africa, landowners do not ever own any mineral rights -- these rights are always held by the SA government and once licences for prospecting have been issued by the regime, private landowners cannot refuse mining companies access to the land - even if they totally destroy it in the process.

On 13 February 2007 the local residents all had unexpectedly pitched up at a very poorly-advertised 'information meeting' at the local Swallows Inn, called by Koesterfontein Mining Consultants, who had apparently applied for licences from the SA government to prospect for uranium and gold in the area without anybody knowing about it.

The only advertising for the meeting had been on a sign board, well-hidden in the long grass on the corner of the Koesterfontein & Carletonville Roads, and placed there just a week before the meeting. It was only at this meeting that the landowners actually found out that the government had already granted two other mining companies prospecting licenses a year earlier. One landowner was shocked to discover that one licence was already issued for prospecting on his own land.

Mining is planned to cover a substantial area of the Magaliesburg. Some licenses already issued are within 15 kilometres of Maropeng - the Cradle of Humankind Heritage Site - and within 3.6 kilometres of Magaliesburg town. But business owners in Magaliesburg seem to be largely unaware of this.

IT-specialist Ben (sic) Oosthuizen of Randburg retrieved documents from the murdered Richard Theron's personal computer. The 59-year old Theron, a forensic auditor, was murdered on June 5, 2004, together with his partner Estelle van Dyk, 58 - a dedicated 'horse whisperer' -- an animal psychologist who rehabiliated abused horses. The wounds on their mutilated bodies revealed that the couple was hacked with machetes and also shot.

Oosthuizen, who had done work for Theron, said the documents, dating from November 5 to January 30, sketched a picture of two increasingly desperate, frightened people whose urgent pleas for protection to the police and their local political representatives, had all fallen on deaf ears. Oosthuizen said the retrieved computer documents were addressed to the Magaliesburg police, the police commissioner and the Democratic Alliance MP, as well as other politicians.

In one letter, Van Dyk wrote that she and her black worker had received death threats from illegal squatters on the smallholding. "The illegal occupants have threatened that they will kill me, my horses and my dogs. They also threatened to kill Tshepo, who works for me," it reads. The letter claims the police were notified of the threats, but "they cannot do anything before anything really happens"...

Police inspector Pikkie Fourie of the West Rand unit against serious violent crime, asked to comment by Beeld newspaper, said that he 'was aware of past problems with squatters on the farm, but these have been sorted out..We are following up on a good number of clues," he said. Nobody has ever been arrested or charged for this lynching.
November 17, 2009 3:44 PM
Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.
February 16, 2010 9:03 PM
Anonymous said...
‘South Africa Sucks’ Blog Taken Offline Due to Anti-Jew Comments
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Re: The murder plot ???

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